Changes in the Ocean

Changes in the Ocean
Changes in the Ocean

Changes in the Ocean by global warming has had a major effect on ocean life. This global phenomenon has affected the ocean currents, raised the ocean level, and caused the acidification of ocean water among numerous other adverse impacts it has had on these beautiful water bodies.

Those living in the oceans, as well as close-by, have been adversely affected by the changes brought about in the oceans due to global warming.

Effect of Global Warming on Sea Creatures

The temperature of the oceans has increased because of global warming. The increased temperature is not fit for the survival of many marine animals. Many species of fishes, turtles, and other sea animals are struggling to survive in this changed weather condition.

As per the research, many marine species found it hard to adapt to the rise in the ocean water temperature and thus became extinct. The acidification of the oceans is also posing a threat to marine life. A further rise in the ocean temperature and acidification of ocean water due to global warming is likely to worsen the situation.

Effect of Global Warming on Coastal Areas

Not just the creatures living inside the oceans those living outside are also getting impacted. This is due to the effects of global warming on the oceans. The glaciers are melting at a rapid speed due to global warming.

Resulting in the expansion of the oceans which in turn is resulting in the increase in sea levels. Those living along with the coastal areas thus live in constant fear of floods. These areas are often hit by floods thereby disrupting life along the coastlines.

Changes in the Ocean: Conclusion

Global warming is a major threat to ocean life. Our oceans are no longer a safe aboard for the marine creatures. The constant rise in the ocean water level has also become a threat to those living in the coastal areas.

It is sad that despite having complete knowledge about the harmful effects of global warming on ocean life, we human beings are not doing anything to control this problem which impacts changes in the ocean.

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